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The Putty Chomper is the only oscillating tool blade specifically designed for window glaze putty removal.

The Putty Chomper is the quickest, smoothest, and most efficient window glazing putty remover in the world.

The Putty Chomper will outlast, outperform and save you more time and money than any other putty removal method, bar none. What used to take hours of tedious, aggravating and damaging putty removal can now be
Patent Pending
accomplished in minutes.

Painters, window replacement companies, window restoration specialists and DIY'ers, all, can save time and money with the Putty Chomper. Utilizing just a minimum of skill the Putty Chomper will pay for itself in minutes and eliminate the dread and headache of window putty removal.

The Putty Chomper will fit most oscillating tools on the market today with it's universal arbor. See our list.

The days of using a damaging hammer and chisel, a dangerous heat gun, or the time consuming removal of the entire window frame to a steam box are over, the Putty Chomper renders those methods obsolete. Old window putty can now be removed efficiently, and profitably while keeping damage to the sash, muntins and glass to a bare minimum, if not entirely eliminated.